Prenatal Vitamins

April 6, 2024

Family planning is important at all stages. Did you know that it is recommended to start taking prenatal vitamins before becoming pregnant?

Taking a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid is important for the developing fetus. Folic acid helps support brain and spinal cord development and reduces the risk of neural tube defects. The CDC recommends taking 0.4 mg (400 mcg) of folic acid daily to prevent birth defects. There are a variety of prenatal vitamins that are available, but it is important to look for a vitamin that contains folic acid, iron, calcium, iodine, zinc, niacin, thiamine, and C, D, and E vitamins. It is generally recommended that women of child-bearing age take a prenatal vitamin daily, as prenatal vitamins are recommended at least one month before conception and throughout the first trimester, where critical development of the baby takes place. If you are unsure about which prenatal vitamin to take, ask your pharmacist or OBGYN.

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