Bone Health

May 18, 2024

As we age, it is common for adults to develop osteoporosis, which is a bone disease characterized by low bone density. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis. You are also at higher risk if you smoke, have a thin body frame, or don’t exercise enough. Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, along with regular weight-bearing exercises can help in building and maintaining bone strength. Examples of weight-bearing exercise includes walking and resistance training. Avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol consumption also reduces your risk for osteoporosis.

Recommended doses of calcium and vitamin D to maintain bone health are as follows: Men aged 51-70: 1,000mg of calcium and 600 units of vitamin D daily. Women aged 51-70: 1,200mg of calcium and 600 units of vitamin D daily. Both men and women aged 70 and older: 1,200mg of calcium and 800 units of vitamin D daily.

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