“I will never forget the time that we needed medicine following a surgery, and Tom and Meg went the extra mile. They went to the pharmacy, after hours, and filled the prescriptions, then brought them over to our house. I don’t think CVS or Rite-Aid would do that for us! It’s nice to know you really have a “friend” who is a Pharmacist!”

-Robert C.

“Sand Run Pharmacy offers an invaluable service to customers who own pets both cats and dogs, etc.
In addition to dispensing prescriptions from a Veterinarian in pill form, the Pharmacy will also take the prescription and compound it into a liquid form with a variety of flavors. The syringe is pre-marked to ensure proper dosage. The liquid form is much easier to administer to the resistant pet.

There is another pet service for the pet who has side effects to the medicine in pill or liquid form or simply for ease of administering. The prescription is formulated into a topical gel that is rubbed into the inner ear and absorbed into their system. It is dispensed in pre-filled syringes with written instructions on how to use it. We are currently have two cats utilizing the topical gel and it works well.

Over the years we have used all the above methods many times and we highly recommend pet owners avail themselves of this service.

Thank you Sand Run Pharmacy!!”

-Fleeta B.

“Always a happy smile and a personal greeting by name- true customer service that you just don’t get at any chain pharmacy! My company would prefer me to use a mail order pharmacy, and it would be less expensive for me to do so yet the personalized customer service my family and I receive at Sand Run Pharmacy makes the extra co-pays worth it! I can’t recommend Sand Run Pharmacy enough- in this day and age it is so refreshing to be treated as a valuable customer instead of just a number! Thanks, Tom- appreciate all you and your staff do for me and my entire family!”

-Mary O

“Their attention to detail and the services that they offer far exceed those of the larger chains, and in addition to the great service my mom is saving money on her prescriptions.”

-Adrienne S.

“Sand Run carries medications for pets, and is certified to make recommendations in that field also. Their basic sundries are the same cost as other stores.  They carry everything needed for healthcare, and it always comes with instructions for use, which is so appreciated.

…….and their greeting card selection is one of the best in town!”

-Ann B

Is there a reason you choose Sand Run Pharmacy? Let us know! Email us at pharmacist@sandrunpharmacy.com!