Wellness Programs



A visit to Sand Run Pharmacy can be more than just a quick dash in and out the door. We feel that your health should be our concern not just when you are ill or need a prescription. With education and prevention we can serve our customers in more ways than just filling prescriptions. Step into our home care area and check out our support wear on your next visit. We offer the following healthcare services to our community:

Diabetes Education:Walk into the pharmacy and you know that we care about our patients with diabetes and their families. Literature, supplies and plenty of information are available for patients monitoring and in control of their health. Supported by our local ADA, we offer programs for patients with diabetes and their families on disease prevention, treatment, complications, diet, foot care and health. Our programs are coordinated by pharmacists and we feature qualified health care professionals to offer their expertise and answer questions as part of the program.

Sand Run Pharmacy offers informative programs for the community featuring new updates and information on blood glucose monitoring and new advancements in diabetes care and technology. Working with a healthcare team to plan proper diabetes care does make a difference in blood glucose control and the prevention of serious complications.

Flu Shots:
Back by popular demand! Each fall, our certified pharmacists of Sand Run Pharmacy offer flu shots to the community. Our efficient procedures allow our patients to receive a flu shot with minimal waiting, easy parking and friendly assistance. We bill Medicare directly and other insurances as approved. Dates and times are posted as the vaccine is available.

Wellness Testing:
At Sand Run Pharmacy, we know the value of good health. We offer the following screenings to educate and help you understand these values and how they contribute to your overall health. It is recommended that individuals over the age of 30 establish baseline measurements to identify your risk for preventable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Tests do require fasting and are scheduled appointments. Please call to set up your appointment.

Lipid Profile and Glucose testing:
Measures total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose. For most accurate results please fast for 8-10 hours before your appointment. With each 15 minute session you will receive the testing along with the results. Information and consultation regarding cholesterol issues will be done with the pharmacist. Cost is $35.00.

Please call 330-864-2138 to set up your appointment.